Daredevil raccoon out-trends Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un as it scales skyscraper

mprraccoon raccoon anna salisbury -unsplash

Just a few days ago, the world witnessed pure bravery when a Malian national scaled four storeys to save a child dangling from a balcony. But even this feat has just been outdone… by a raccoon.

Internet fame doesn’t last long, especially when a fluffy, determined trash panda decides to scale one of St Paul, Minnesota’s tallest buildings.

Under the hashtag #Mprraccoon, users across the internet united to watch this furry little fella do the near impossible. And by impossible, we mean becoming even bigger news than Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s landmark Singapore summit.

It all began on Monday, when the mammal was spotted on a lower echelon of the tower. But sick of being stranded for at least two days, the raccoon began climbing up the building.

Why up? One Twitter user suggested the raccoon was scared by a maintenance worker trying to get it down.

“When raccoons are scared they climb up,” she added.

Nevertheless, soon the feat was livestreamed by CBS Minnesota, and eventually captured the hearts of others in St. Paul. By Tuesday evening, the entire world knew about the animal’s plight.

Twitter just couldn’t deal.

Finally, on Wednesday, the raccoon made it to the top of the building (not before becoming the biggest social media star of 2018).

Rescue workers were stationed at the top of the building ready to aid and trap the critter, so it’s likely safe and sound at this point. However, we’ve yet to receive a response from its spokesperson.

Feature image: Anna Salisbury via Unsplash

Andy Walker, former editor


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