Watch: Cape Town’s trains are getting a bit overloaded

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Cape Town’s public transport system is a nightmare; even the City of Cape Town itself hinted at it. But that doesn’t mean there’s been any tangible improvement experienced by commuters since.

A video reportedly captured on Cape Town’s central line on Tuesday shows just how congested the city’s Metrorail rail network is.

Initially published to a closed Facebook group by member Brendan Shaw, the video found its way onto Twitter on Wednesday. In the clip, a train is shown draped in commuters sitting on the train’s roof, hanging out of windows, and clinging to the train’s windscreen.

The video has since garnered more than 120 shares on Facebook.

It’s not immediately clear at which station along the line the clip was captured.

This isn’t a new phenomenon though, as the City’s mayoral committee member for Brett Herron discovered in November last year.

A recent space of arson attacks has decreased the number of available sets in service, and also possibly delaying the rollout of new trains. But even before 2018’s issues Metrorail has been caught floundering.

In April 2016, a combination of arson attacks and protests resulted in citywide delays. A year later in June, a similar incident left the rain network crippled once again.

Feature image: Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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