The internet thinks this Namibian teen is Regina George from Mean Girls

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Doppelgangers are instant viral internet fodder, but even more so when the person in question looks like Regina George from Mean Girls.

A 16-year-old model from Namibia, Clarisse Muller, fits this bill almost entirely.

She became an overnight viral sensation after the internet just couldn’t believe how similar she looks to villain of the 2004 pop culture classic Mean Girls, played by Rachel McAdams.

And of course, it was a tweet that kicked it all off.

After the above was posted on Saturday, people rushed to highlight the similarities between Muller and McAdam’s features.

“Oh my God😱 I thought it was Regina George from Mean Girls before I read the caption,” one user of many wrote.

Afterbreak posted another tweet featuring two more pictures of the model, asking people to calm down.

“She’s a teenage [sic] from a country called Namibia in Southern Africa. This is not Rachel McAdams better known as Regina George from Mean Girls,” it read.

But even this received another 2400 likes, and did little to stem the viral tide.

After the likes of Buzzfeed and Mashable covered the story, Afterbreak’s website crashed due to the immense traffic it received

Meanwhile, fans of Mean Girls readied their fetch threads.

Unsurprisingly, search traffic for “regina george” has seen a notable spike in the United States over the past week, Google Trends notes.

Feature image: screenshot, Afterbreak

Andy Walker, former editor


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