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Google reveals the most searched love questions ahead of Valentine’s Day

With Valentines Day just around the corner, Google has released a “Romance Report” of its most searched love-related questions.

The list is long, and comprises of relationship advice about everything from advice on exes, to how to kiss.

Here are some of our favourites, all part of the top five most asked in each category.

  • How to set boundaries with your significant other for quality time?
  • How to say happy birthday to an ex?
  • How to kiss well?
  • What is cuddling?
  • DIY valentine decorations.

The Romance Report also revealed the top ten languages “I love you” was translated to, with Spanish claiming the number one spot.

Even Google Assistant has some romantic features you can request, such as “Hey Google, serenade me” and “Hey Google, tell me a fact about love”.

“Just ask ‘Hey Google, do you love me?’ and take a brief quiz to see just what kind of special bond you have with your Assistant,” revealed Google.

Valentines Day is next Thursday, just in case you need another reminder.

Feature image: Google

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