Superbalist phishing scam sneakily asks for your credit card info


Clothing retailer Superbalist on Monday alerted users that a new phishing scam is doing the rounds via SMS and email.

In a tweet, the South African retailed noted that a “few” of its customers have been targeted by the scam.

“They received fraudulent emails and/or SMSes requesting them to update their credit card details via a link,” the tweet continued.

Other SMSes are also surfacing, suggesting that users can receive up to 70% discounts by visiting a link.

And judging by screenshots shared online, the fake site linked bears an uncanny resemblance to Superbalist’s official mobile site.

The site’s URL however is spelled incorrectly: note, “Superballst” rather than “Superbalist”.

“Please note that Superbalist would never request you to update credit card details via an email or SMS so anything of this nature should immediately be deleted,” the retailer urged in a follow up tweet.

Superbalist noted that the domain linking to the fake website has since been blocked. The company is also currently investigating the matter.

H/T: Thanks to Megan Ellis for the tip!

Feature image: Superbalist

Andy Walker, former editor


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