Cape Town’s Atlantis to get medical cannabis plant after City releases land

cannabis city of cape town atlantis

A few months ago, the City of Cape Town was issuing some pretty dire press releases regarding the impending Day Zero water crisis. Now that that’s largely abated, it’s focusing on growing weed.

Yes, dagga. Cannabis. Marijuana. Green. Whatever you like to call it.

The City on Thursday announced that it is releasing vacant land near Atlantis to establish the “first medical cannabis plant in the metro and the Western Cape”.

It believes that this is an “untapped sector” that holds heaps of potential for the province. After all, the Western Cape is an agricultural hub.

The set-up of the facility will bring with it an investment of R638-million in capital expenditure during the construction of phase one,” the statement added.

Additionally, a further R1,5 billion will be invested during phase two which is expected to commence in about four year’s time.

The City believes the plant will create 250 new jobs in the area.

It’s the second such plant near Atlantis, which is definitely becoming the Western Cape’s “green” hub. Another is being established on private land near the industrial area, the statement noted.

The perception of cannabis is changing worldwide. In Canada, colleges are offering accredited courses in cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis was also made semi-legal in South Africa late last year, allowing users to cultivate and consume weed privately.

Feature image: Aphiwat Chuangchoem via Pexels

Andy Walker, former editor


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