Google Trips is dead, its features are moving to Google Maps and Search

Google Trips

It’s been a long time coming, but Google Trips is officially dead after support for the app came to an end on Monday.

Google’s now set to move some of the app’s features to Google Maps and Search, it announced on its Travel Help page.

Sound familiar? This is exactly what it’s doing with Google Inbox and Google Play Music’s features, migrating them to Gmail and YouTube Music, respectively.

The end of Trips means that users can no longer use the app to organise their travel plans, and will instead have to use Maps and Search to find “things to do”, access their “saved places” and “trip reservations”.

Users attemping to access the app will be met with a message: “We’ve said goodbye to Google Trips”.

While Search will feature most of Trips’ previous abilities, users will not be able to add or edit notes about their trips. On Google Maps, users won’t have the trip reservations feature either. Both are, however, “coming soon” to the relevant platforms.

“To find personal Trips information in Search, such as notes and saved places, you must sign in to your Google Account,” Google noted.

Last year, Google killed a number of its apps, including Google Allo, Inbox and Reply.

Feature image: screenshot, Google Trips

Shereesa Moodley


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