Cape Town can munch on a CBD oil doughssant this weekend

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The doughssant has long been Cape Town’s exclusive equivalent of the cronut, offered every weekend by local eatery Jason Bakery.

Usually these confectioneries include combinations you’d more likely find in a kid’s vivid imagination than an actual pastry. And that’s pretty brilliant if you’d ask me.

However, this weekend, it’s planning something a little more, well, activated.

Spotted on Instagram on Tuesday, Jason Bakery is working on a CBD oil-infused doughssant, complete with puns galore, for sale this coming Saturday.

This is a JOINT venture you dope want to miss out on!! The GOODLEAF x JASON BAKERY DOPEssant,” the post read.

Yes. It’s effectively a brownie shaped like a doughnut with CBD oil in it. There’s very little not to like here.

CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil to give its full-length name, is derived from the hemp plant. Its benefits are still widely contentious, but a number of studies, including those from the World Health Organisation, believes it could be a key for fighting a bevy of ailments.

Globally, the use of medical cannabis-based products has exploded. South Africa is also slowly embracing the growing CBD and medical marijuana industry now that the herb it’s semi-legal within the country. (Note: CBD oil itself has been legal for sale since May).

The City of Cape Town is releasing vacant land in its northern regions for the cultivation of medical marijuana. The city’s also seen a number of CBD oil stores pop up across its suburbs. Products have also been available to purchase online through the country’s online retailers.

However, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of owning a farm or aren’t brave enough to purchase an entire bottle of the stuff, perhaps snacking on a chocolate brownie is your best bet to experience it all?

Feature image: Jason Bakery (@jasonbakerycpt) via Instagram

Andy Walker, former editor


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