Blockchain social media site launches to challenge Big Tech

voice social media website

Voice — a blockchain-based social media site that rewards users for quality content — is finally available for public viewing. The website aims to challenge Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, to create “the social media we all need”.

So what is Voice?

Voice is a social media platform based on blockchain technology and an authentication system for users. This authentication system verifies that the account belongs to an actual person and is not a bot, catfish, or burner account.

Users can post content under specific topics, such as humor or technology. If other users like your post, you can earn Voice Tokens.

You can then use these tokens to amplify your content and reward other users.

Only one account can be created per user.

“Voice aims to create a new and trusted social experience, free from bots and fake accounts,” the company says.

“Voice uses the open-source EOSIO protocol and the inherent characteristics of blockchain technology to promote trusted and transparent social interactions.”

How to join Voice’s social media site

The platform is in its early access state, meaning that users will have to request access to join.

From 15 August, anyone can register and join immediately.

However, you will still need to authenticate your account in order to use the platform.

You can find out more on the Voice website. You can view existing posts from users on the website on

Existing social media sites and platforms have been under increasing scrutiny for data privacy and community standards.

Even Instagram has been accused of allows its algorithm to prioritise partial nudity in post recommendations.

Meanwhile, a movement gaining traction in the US calls for the boycott of advertising on Facebook.

Feature image: Voice

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