Website lets you see real-time Black Friday weekend spending in SA

payfast real time spending black friday 2020

A dashboard created by PayFast lets you see Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending in South Africa in real-time — and wow, people are spending away.

This PayFAST BFCM ticker shows real-time transaction data (with their location and prices spent). Other data includes the greatest basket value overall, the greatest basket value during the current hour, and the percentage of mobile versus desktop transactions.

Red dots ping on the map to real-time transactions. Meanwhile, provinces are colour-coded according to the highest and lowest share of transactions

At the time of writing, the greatest basket value stood at R299 950 — oh, how the other half live.

Meanwhile, Gauteng and the Western Cape are leading in terms of their national share of transactions.

Just seeing the real-time Black Friday spending soar by is a wonder — hitting home just how much shopping happens on this day.

It is also just part of the picture, considering that PayFast is an online payment solution and therefore is likely only showing data from transactions using its payment gateway.

To see the dashboard for yourself, visit the BFCM site by PayFast.

Black Friday is a more drawn-out affair this year, with retailers extending promotions throughout the month of November.

Meanwhile, retailers expect more shopping to take place online due to the pandemic.

Several websites have faced issues today with increased visitors and server constraints.

Feature image: Screenshot/PayFast

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