Lotto trends on Twitter for unbelievable results

lotto powerball results 1 december

The national Lotto trended on Wednesday as South African Twitter users couldn’t believe the Powerball results and number of winners.

South Africans took to Twitter to remark on the strange coincidence of six consecutive numbers showing up in the results: 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, and 10.

While the first five numbers were drawn in a slightly different order, when arranged numerically, they show consecutive numbers from five to nine. The Powerball itself doesn’t get rearranged when results are ordered numerically, so the fact that it was number 10 adds to the strange coincidence.

The topic started trending due to disbelief from locals and a few high-profile tweets.

Some social media users accused the Lotto of being a scam. However, others pointed out that each number has an equal chance of being drawn and this is likely just a strange coincidence.

Strange Powerball lotto results result in many winners

poweball lotto results 1 december

However, one of the strangest turns in the results is the number of winners. According to the Powerball results for 1 December, 20 people won with the five-number + Powerball combination.

According to the National Lottery’s Twitter account, while the numbers seem unexpected, many players apparently choose these sequences.

But Twitter users continued to question the results, while others joked about the unbelievable coincidence.

You can see a few of the reactions below:

Meanwhile, others pointed to the 79 people who chose the consecutive numbers but not the number 10 Powerball.

Many users called for an investigation into the results, expressing distrust in the digital nature of the draw.

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