Car subscription marketplace FlexClub launches in Cape Town

flexclub car subscription rent to own

Car subscription marketplace FlexClub has officially launched in Cape Town, providing an alternative to traditional car loans and rentals.

Through FlexClub, customers can rent a car for a monthly fee. The fee is all-inclusive, except for fuel costs.

The subscription allows FlexClub users to earn rewards, which can act as a discount on the purchase price of a vehicle.

However, customers also have the option to pause their subscriptions if needed. It also offers the flexibility to swap, cancel, or buy the car.

These subscriptions are available to private users, but also Uber drivers in need of a vehicle.

“FlexClub is ushering in a more flexible and simpler model for how people get cars in markets like Mexico and South Africa, making it a good option for those wanting to avoid the hassle of owning or leasing a vehicle,” co-founder Tinashe Ruzane said in a statement.

“Members will earn points during the subscription period, and the more points earned, the greater the discounts, including discounts on the purchase price of the car.”

As part of its launch, the company is offering launch specials and discounts in March.

How FlexClub car subscriptions work

Customers are able to browse for cars and sign up for the service on the FlexClub website.

When you have booked a car, the vehicle is delivered to your address.

The monthly fee eliminates the need for additional insurance, maintenance, and telematic expenses.

Subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time, according to the company.

“Car subscriptions on the FlexClub marketplace offer members unparalleled freedom while the experience is fully digital, fast, simple and convenient. In just a few clicks, members can order their car and have it delivered to their door,” says Ruzane.

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