Airbnb adds tool to test and list accommodation Wi-Fi speeds

Airbnb app Wi-Fi speeds internet accommodation hosts listings

Airbnb has introduced a tool on its app that lets hosts test their Wi-Fi speeds and include it on accommodation listings.

The booking platform revealed the tool on 29 July.

Airbnb said a listing’s level of connectivity was an essential requirement in the age of remote working.

“Guests want peace of mind that where they’re staying can support their connected needs – whether gaming and streaming on Twitch, Zooming with colleagues, or catching up with family on video chat, fast and stable internet is more important than ever,” it said in a statement.

Previously, hosts had to manually add Wi-Fi speeds to their listing pages.

Airbnb has introduced the in-app tool in the US and will roll it out worldwide in the coming weeks.

How to check Wi-Fi speed in the Airbnb app

In the app, hosts can test their domain’s Wi-Fi speed.

For the best result, they must hold their mobile device where guests would be able to access the connection. Their device should also not be using any data at the same time.

The test will then indicate the speed in Mbps and give a brief description of the estimation.

Airbnb app listings hosts accommodation Wi-Fi speeds internet

To access the test, use the following steps in the Airbnb app:

  1. Tap Profile, then switch to your hosting profile.
  2. Go to the Listings menu and select the listing you want to perform the test for.
  3. Under “About the listing”, select Amenities.
  4. Next to “Popular”, select “Edit”.
  5. You then need to go to “Wifi” and select “Add your wifi speed”.
  6. Run the test in the app. When it is completed and you have your result, tap the “Save” button.

The tool uses open-source software from M-Lab, an initiative that provides internet performance datasets and systems.

Featured image: Airbnb

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