Department of Health wants South Africans to sign up to be ‘Vax Champs’

vooma vax champs vaccine champions programme

The Department of Health is encouraging South Africans to become Vaccination Champions or “Vax Champs”, by signing up online or registering on WhatsApp.

The Vooma Vaccination Champions (Vax Champs) programme involves people signing up to encourage friends, family, and neighbours to vaccinate against the coronavirus.

It is run primarily by the Department of Health.

Those who want to become Vax Champs can sign up on the programme’s website, use the SA Government COVID-19 WhatsApp helpline, or call the toll-free number 0800 029 999.

Government wants champions to promote vaccines and share information with people who are interested.

Meanwhile, they also want people who sign up to report on the concerns people have about the vaccine and what’s preventing people from taking them.

“We’ll use this information to improve the vaccination services in your community,” the Vax Champs website says.

This includes whether misinformation, community leaders, or availability are affecting the decision to get the vaccination.

What do people get for being Vax Champs?

If you were hoping to sign up for some kind of monetary reward or title, you’re out of luck.

The biggest benefit of signing up for the programme is getting access to information. The community gets access to exclusive content to keep them informed on vaccinations.

The programme will also hold online sessions with the aim of answering questions about the vaccine. They will also get access to groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. In these groups, participants can ask for vaccine information and ask about concerns in their community.

The programme website notes that people can withdraw from the programme at any time.

You can find out more about it on the Vax Champs website.

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