Best action movies releasing in 2022

action movies 2022

Greetings, fellow cinephiles, and adrenaline junkies. The age of the film is still going strong, and 2022 is promising to bring us a string of jaw-dropping cinema adventures in terms of action movies.

Do you like cosplaying men with raspy voices? Done! How about mind-bending, multi-million dollar stunt spectacles? Check! Or, maybe expertly choreographed fight scenes are more your thing? No problem! 2022 has got you covered.

Here are some of the best upcoming action movies of 2022.

The Batman

That’s right. The dark knight is getting yet another film adaptation and, to be honest, we can’t get enough. This time around, Robert Pattison (Twilight, Lighthouse, Good Time) will don the pointy-eared helm and, judging by the trailers we’ve seen, will be doing so in an aggressively sulky fashion.

Taking a cue from Christopher Nolan’s dark reimagining of the DC Comics anti-hero, The Batman boasts a brooding and gloomy feel, dripping with carefully directed mood and ambience.

In this Pattison reboot, Batman will be facing off against the Riddler, portrayed by Paul Dano (Swiss Army Man, Little Miss Sunshine).

Mission Impossible 7

We don’t know how this dude does it, but at the ripe age of 59, Tom Cruise is yet again reprising his role as super-agent Ethan Hunt and leaping into a no-holds-barred action adventure with the “Impossible Missions Force”.

So far, very little has been revealed about this upcoming blockbuster, but Tom Cruise did mention that this next installment features the “most dangerous stunt” he has ever done. Apparently, it involves Cruise riding his motorcycle off a cliff, jumping off, and parachuting to the bottom… yup, sound like we’re in for another wild ride!

And, it doesn’t end there! Together with the announcement of Mission Impossible 7, Paramount Pictures also announced that Mission Impossible 8 is already in the works and slated for release in July 2023.

John Wick: Chapter 4

john wick

Hollywood darling, Keanu Reeves, is another action star that just doesn’t seem to have any quit. At 57, Reeves will again reprise his role as “Baba Yaga”, better known as the badass hitman, John Wick.

Currently, there isn’t too much known about the plot of John Wick: Chapter 4, but taking into account the final minutes of the previous film, Wick seems keen to decimate his old organisation, the High Table, in a fit of unbridled revenge.

Expect to see expertly choreographed fighting scenes, over-the-top stunt sequences and, according to returning star, Laurence Fishburne, a “really, really cool” script that’s “much deeper in terms of the code of the assassin”.

Top Gun: Maverick

34 years after the original, Tom Cruise returns as the cocky flying ace, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, in Top Gun: Maverick. According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the new upcoming action film will deal with themes such as “family, friendship, and sacrifice”.

But don’t expect this to be all drama. Bruckheimer also adds that Maverick is a “love letter to aviation” and the movie will “show you what it’s really like to be a top gun pilot”.

The original Top Gun (1986) boasted some of the most breathtaking aerial action sequences in cinematic history.

Judging from the trailer and clips we’ve seen, Top Gun: Maverick is well on its way to becoming even more exhilarating than its predecessor.

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Feature image: Erik Witsoe/Unsplash

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