Facebook working on a customer service division, here’s what you should know

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Facebook may just provide a customer service division in the near future.

The platform aims to assist some of its users to navigate their way through some technical challenges among other things.

Some users have reported accounts removed unexpectedly while others were recently flooded by spam in their feed with celebrity fan posts.

Bizarre posts

The platform saw many of its users raising concerns last week when some users spotted bizarre posts on their feeds.

The users complained about seeing random posts and activity tickers to celebrity pages from strangers on their timelines.

According to our understanding, certain posts somehow took over user feeds.

This meant if a third party engaged or posted with a celebrity page that you’ve liked, the posts were likely to make an appearance on your feed.

Facebook quickly attended to the apparent bug, which according to reports was caused by a configuration change.

Meta has now attended to the issue.

Last week many users complained online with no direct line to raise the issue to.

If this is not a clear sign that users need a call center or customer care division, I’m not sure what is.

Customer care

News of a customer care division may be just rumors’ for now, as a report signals that the efforts where still in their early stages.

Questionable and problematic content are some of the issues Facebook constantly faces.

The use of accounts and pages to promote hate speech by certain users seem to be some of the challenges the platform faces regularly.

But where do users send complaints, aside from flagging the content and navigating through bureaucratic pages to report an issue.

Changes or in this case alterations often take days, or weeks to be addressed leaving some of us frustrated, and we think change is good and welcome the shift towards a possible customer care division.

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Featured image: Luca Sammarco from Pexels

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