WATCH: You’ll be out of a job if these catch up to your industry

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Digital media platform, Mashable and a developer friend of mine have one phrase in common.

“Anything you can do, AI can do better.”

That phrase haunts and excites me all at the same time.

The world has fast shifted into a new era where new ideas, innovation, and AI have landed and are fast becoming a part of who we are.

Here are technological innovations designed to possibly replace you at your job, if you don’t upskill and reinvent yourself in the near future.

Industrial robot pointer

Historic legendary painters, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Cezanne and Claude Monet, are more likely to be turning in their graves to witness how tech and time have shifted what normal once was.

This industrial robot can be seen painting eye-catching portraits at the switch of a button.

While many artists may criticize this innovation, resistance is futile.

Named the Kuka robot, the robot has brushes at the end of it’s tips, to assist structure paint on to a canvas.

While this industrial powerhouse is not new, it is a perfect example of the synergy between technology and art.

Hobot Legee D7

Known as a robovac – a term coined at the launch of the next wave in robotic and vacuum cleaner technology – this vacuum mop may just replace some helpers in the future.

The award-winning Hobot Legee D7 vacuum mop, has answered your floor cleaning prayers as it scans your house, is operated through an app, and mops and vacuums.

If you have different surfaces, like myself, the Hobot Legee D7 will move from wooden flooring to tiles in one swoop as it has been tailored to climb 20mm sills, where many other robovacs battled.

Self-service tills

In 2016 labour unions almost lost their minds at the news of self service till points by supermarket chain store Pick n Pay.

Pick n Pay began trials of the self service till points at its observatory branch in Cape Town, leaving a few confused but most horrified by reality.

The trials were put on hold in 2018 after their introduction in 2016.

Although the self-service tills has been rolled out in many countries internationally they’re still a trigger for most South African’s.

Shoprite also revealed that it was trialing an automated Checkers concept store with no cashiers in Cape Town.

Labour unions said new technology that sought to replace labour was a threat to employment.  We wonder how this will pan out.

TV, Music producing software

We recently did a write up on why Podcast’s are fast gaining momentum and generating financial returns globally.

Todate, it costs less to start a podcast than it is to hire a studio for production.

Music videos can now be shot using an iPhone, while online music software allows music heads to chop and change their music to their liking without the bulky set of old school editing equipment.

Soundtrap, twisted wave audio editor, audio trimmer, and audacity are some tools that have made life a little easier to produce music.

Online Marketing tools

If you were a musician in the 70’s, you had to drive around announcing a travelling artist before they actually got to the city.

Today, online tools such as TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow fans to connect with their celebrities in real time.

Fans can now receive announcements from the artists themselves.

While marketers used to hand out pamphlets across town, today, marketing is designed to specifically target your desired audience.

This enables marketers to seek their audience, tailor their message directly for the consumer and ensure their product offering reaches their target market without the marketer leaving the office.

spotify charts south africa


Teaching is fast evolving, as lectures have migrated online.

The global Covid-19 pandemic caused a massive paradigm shift by introducing new ways of doing things.

Especially when it came to teaching.

Students, can now watch lectures on their laptops, mobile devices while in the comfort of their own homes.

Global course generators such as Skillsshare and the Shaw Academy have pounced on the shift and provide courses where students can attend lectures online.

This could be the future of education. Like any other change, there must and will be casualties.

It only helps when you see it coming, upskill yourself and jump ship to a new adventure before the world makes that decision for you.


Remember when you had to go to the bank branch for service.

How many times do you have to today?

ATM’s and online banking apps have cut visits to the bank by a ton.

The introduction of ATM’s meant, you don’t have to go inside the back for minute issues such as bank statements and proof of address.

The bank app has even simplified most bank processes even further.

While banks introduce more technologies to better serve their clients, we should note that bank employees are being reduced.

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