Here’s some good news for WhatsApp group administrators

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Here’s some good news for WhatsApp group admins.

You will now have just over two days to delete unwanted messages from group chats.

As part of the messaging app’s privacy update, WhatsApp will now allow group admins to delete messages for every participant in the group.

The feature will help keep those unwanted comments out of the group conversation.

WhatsApp announced the feature to ensure better consumer experience.

How it works

Select the unwanted message.

Long press the message and opt for the Delete for everyone option.

It’s most likely that most participants in the group will see that admin deleted the message.

The tech giant will introduce a host of other features with them being the leave groups discretely feature.

WhatApp users can now leave groups discreetly and control who sees them online.

Only group administrators will receive a notification.

More features soon to be rolled out by the tech giant, are the edit text messages feature, mostly likely in it’s testing stage.

An undo feature which will also be part of the host of features.

Reports claim the feature will allow users to undo those impulsive actions such as deleting a message.

The new WhatsApp privacy campaign will have a feature to block people from taking screenshots of a photo or video when you’ve sent a message using the “view once” feature.

Anyone attempting to take a screenshot will see a message stating: This screenshot was blocked for added privacy.

This all forms part of a marketing campaign for the security and privacy of the messaging app.

WhatsApp has been adding updates to lead the instant messaging sphere.

Most recent updates include the reactions to messages feature where users can provide emoji’s as reactions to messages.

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