Uber hacked | hacker shared information | Uber’s probing breach

E-hailing service Uber has been allegedly hacked.

The hailing service issued a short statement from its communications account to confirm that it was responding to a cybersecurity incident.

“We are in touch with law enforcement and will post additional updates here as they become available.”

It seems an alleged hacker gained access to some of Uber’s contents.

The claims are that the assailant compromised Uber and they posted screenshots, taunting and mocking the hailing service.

The hacker apparently disclosed some of Uber’s financial documents.

The incident is currently under investigation with users on social media commenting on the alleged hacker’s screenshot’s.

One user wrote: “The hacker should be careful sharing screenshots. Even though it appears there’s no on-screen PII, tiny variations in pixel brightness (+/- 5 nits) across the millions of pixels create a fingerprint that can be traced to an individual. OS vendors have been doing this since 2001.”

Another wrote: “It’s a little weird yeah, but maybe they wanted people to see it for some reason? I mean if I were leaking screenshots of this magnitude, I’d be pretty careful and deliberate about what other info people could and couldn’t see.”

“Someone could really use all of this later on. If it’s being uploaded in a decentralised data storage solution like Arweave or Filecoin, there’s no deleting it after,” said another user.

The alleged culprit claims to have administrator access, and some of the company’s tools, which include a Google cloud platform.

In announcing themselves the alleged hacker brazenly wrote “I announce I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach,” in the company’s communication channel only to later post a hashtag to state that Uber allegedly underpaid their drivers.

The alleged hacker gained access to an Uber employees Hacker account and commented on all of the tickets.

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Featured image: Uber



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