WATCH: Polycam’s 3D scanner just took it to the next level

Black iPhone 4 displaying icons. Image: James Yarema/Unsplash

This Polycam, LiDAR 3D scanner tool has just made things a lot more convenient.

The app is designed to capture and share your world in 3D, a potent contribution to the Metaverse.

It was created to develop 3D models from taking photos.

With the LiDAR sensor, both android and iOS can scan the world to produce 3D replica’s.

The application creates high-quality 3D models from photos with an iPhone or iPad to generate scans of spaces.

Users can edit their captured imagery directly onto their device and export them to over a dozen file formats.

LIDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging is a method where lazor is bounced of objects to measure the distance between objects.

How to scan objects

Press the + sign to scan new objects.

When done, process the objects by selecting the space

Lidar will scan the space with all the colours

Remove all unwanted features with the crop feature. Continue to watch video below for more.

Polycam rolled out the new tool about two year’s ago which lets iPhone users capture high-quality 3D models seamlessly.

Scanning resolution has been a factor for most companies in the 3D printing sphere and Polycam has improved on their resolution to deliver a product that delivers on it’s promise to scan those tiny objects including facial features.

The scanner app has been built into the iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max to support and reduce the barrier to entry for most of it’s users.

The app will offer two modes of capturing objects.

A photo mode and LiDAR mode that can be used on many iOS devices to reconstruct objects and recreate them true to scale, provided the object is not too small.

Using photo mode, images are uploaded to servers for the reconstruction process.

The LiDAR mode allows users to process content in the app.

The app provides free features, and users can upgrade to the subscription version which allows users to upload images and other sources to their iOS devices.

Polycam offer inbuilt tools and controls to edit the mesh and texture.

Users can manage and correct the scale upon inspection.

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