WATCH: Uber launches game-changing record conversation feature

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Uber Technologies Inc has introduced a couple of safety upgrades to better tailor user experience.

One feature we are interested in is the audio recording pilot feature.

Uber at its launch in the Johannesburg office announced a cocktail of features to ensure better commuter experience.

One of the features being introduced will be better alcohol administration when delivering alcoholic beverages, UberX, UberXL, and a few others in several parts of Africa.

Users will soon have their identity cards scanned when buying that drink over Uber eats to ensure no minors are allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Recording conversations.

Uber plans to roll out an audio record conversation feature which according to Uber will better resolve some disputes which have been previously flagged.

Uber will allow commuters and drivers to use the app to record and share audio of their trip as evidence in the case of a safety incident.

According to the franchise the new audio feature set to be rolled out as a pilot on Thursday this week, in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Uber says the feature has been a request from drivers.

The feature will operate as an opt-in feature to allow commuters, and the driver access to recorded conversations.

Before you think about privacy.

The recording will head straight to Uber headquarters, and will be encrypted.

Only Uber technicians will have access to the recorded encrypted conversation.

The Uber technicians will not access contents of the recording unless an issue has been flagged requesting the recording.

The recording will last for a period 15-days and will be deleted after.

Why record?

Uber says it wants to better tailor their services and recorded conversations may better resolve some verbal disputes.

The feature will be accessible to both driver and commuter, with both being aware of the recording taking place.

Commuters can opt to not have their conversations recorded. It is after all a right we all have.

Uber says the new audio feature has been successful in Latin America and the US and it hopes to bring the feature to our shores.

Other features introduced:


With the launch of UberXL in Nairobi, Kenya. This option provides seating for up to six people, great for airport and business trips.

Currently, South African’s can reserve their group travel 30 days in advance with UberXL reserve and Uber Van Reserve.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort, available in the country and Côte d’Ivoire, will now be introduced in Ghana.

The bespoke offering is designed for riders looking for an upgrade to their everyday ride.

In-app emergency service in Nigeria:

The franchise is working with Sety in Nigeria to cater on-demand security and medical response for commuters and drivers while on a trip.

Safety Check Up across SSA:

This feature will allow commuters to complete a profile on the app which will include Trusted Contacts feature – to send locations to –  PIN verification and RideCheck, to track rides.

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