Meta launches Ouest Pro, with facial sensors for your avatar

Meta has unveiled the Meta Quest Pro, the first in a new line of advanced headsets.

The innovative headset is packed with what Meta describes as innovative new features like full-color mixed reality.

The headset is now available for pre-order with shipping expected to commence on October 25.

“We’re making progress on the Metaverse” according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who alongside several guests unpacked progress made in the development of the metaverse.

The conference hosted on Tuesday night highlighted how virtual reality was becoming more social with innovations that contribute to fitness, gaming, and work productivity were some of the core focus areas.

Meta released the virtual reality headset initially code-named project Cambria and confirmed it was now dropping the codename to officially pave way for the device name.


Retailing at $ 1 499.99 which translates to roughly R 28 000, 00, the Quest Pro is built with pancake lenses to fold light over several times to reduce the size of the headset while showing sharper visuals.

This pretty much says the headset is dark and it looks smaller.

“A new curved battery on the back helps make Meta Quest Pro a more balanced and ergonomic headset overall. High-resolution outward-facing cameras capture 4X as many pixels as Meta Quest 2 and make Meta Quest Pro our first full-color mixed reality device,” Meta said.

Facial recognition

The Quest Pro as rumored has inward facing sensors that capture, record facial expressions and eye tracking.

“Raise an eyebrow, smile or simply make eye contact with someone, and your avatar will do the same. All of this helps improve social presence — the feeling that you’re right there together with someone no matter where in the world you are.”

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