Why Elon Musk may have a Donald Trump, Kanye West problem 

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Two highly controversial people have two things in common, they’re both highly opinionated, and both have been booted of Twitter only to be reinstated.

Former US President Donald Trump has been reinstated on Twitter after new Twitter boss Elon Musk published a poll on his possible return.

With a majority voting for Trumps to return to the platform, Musk announced confirmed that Trump’s account including the account of social media hit Jordan Peterson would be reinstated.

While Musk sent the invite, it seems Trump has moved on.

The former US President made it clear that despite access to the platform, he may not use the platform again after he was banned for the “Capital breach.”

Following his ban from Twitter, Trump launched Truth Social, a posting platform that he claimed was doing well.

While nay-sayers are against Trumps reinstatement on the Twitter platform due to Trumps views, it remains unclear if the former statesman will in actual fact use the platform.

Trump is not the only prominent figure to migrate to a new social media platform after being booted off it.

Singer song writer Kanye West is now active on free speech social media platform Parler, which prides itself as a viewpoint neutral social media app, dedicated to freedom of expression including privacy.

The controversial West was booted off Instagram and Twitter when his accounts were restricted following his alleged anti-Semitic posts.

West went on to acquire the platform Parler Technologies which announced the acquisition.

Parler has made it’s way back to Google Play following a ban for views around Capitol riots in January of 2021.

Rumor has it that Trump was a candidate for the Parler app but it seems West was to quick to the finish line prompting Trump to launch Trush Social.

Both Parler and Truth social claim to be free of censorship.

It seems the controversial duo picked up a free-censorship trend which may be the selling point for any social media platform.

This would explain why Musk has also catered to free speech, stating that questionable tweets will not receive an audience but will remain on the platform.

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