Capitec activates Apple Pay

Capitec has introduced Apple Pay digital payment wallet to its clients.

Sending notifications on the announcement Capitec has notified clients of the new added product offering to its clients.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service, a digital payment wallet in simpler terms.

The payment service allows iOS users to make secure contactless transactions in shops.

Supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, Apple Pay allows users to add their debit, credit, or prepaid card to the wallet app on their Apple devices.

How to set up

Using the feature is simple as all physical card information will be stored in the wallet app to make secure payments in stores.

Go to your wallet tab and click on the plus sign.

Add new card > tap debit or Credit Card, then position your card so it appears in the frame.

You can also insert information/card details manually.

You can add previous cards associated with your apple ID.

You can choose which option to authenticate transactions between touch ID or Face ID, then entre the CVV number of each card.

Apple Pay allows users to change cards or rearrange card priority.

Apple also has Apple Cash to send and receive money from friends and family in order to make purchases.

In the Apple Wallet users can choose a preferred card, drag and bring it to the front of the stack to select.

Capitec continues to migrate into the future of digital wallets.

Most South African banks now support digital wallets that allow users to make transactions by tapping their smartphone or smartwatch at a contactless enabled pay point.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay use Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality to offer the transaction feature..

Users only need to link their cards to their digital wallets to make payments.

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