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Global messaging app WhatsApp now allows users to undo a deleted message.

It’s really that simple.

The app has now added a feature that allows users to undo a delete option especially after a message was deleted for everyone.

The new feature from WhatsApp allows users a time window of around 5 seconds for a deleted message to be undone.

If you don’t undo in that window the message is gone forever.

How it works

Delete a message

Messages sent to a recipient can be highlighted once sent.

Simply click and hold the message.  A sub menu will appear.  Click delete message to delete a message.

Toggle to delete message for just you or for everyone.

Undo delete

Once the message is deleted, you will have a five second window to undo.

A sub menu will be on the side immediately after you delete a message with the option to undo.

By clicking the undo button, the deleted message will reapear.

We are currently investigating if users can undo a message deleted by another user.

Our initial tests prove, we cannot however this tests is underway with both iOS and Android devices.

New feature

Earlier this week WhatsApp announced users can now have 32 users in one video call.

This is a huge leap for the app, which also introduced the picture in picure function which allows users to navigate through messages while in a video call.

Although the feature is only available for iOS users and currently only for beta testers, it seems like a step in the right direction for the global messaging app.

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