Netflix: Freeloaders beware, the end to password sharing is close

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Streaming giant Netflix is expected to roll out measures that will leave Netflix freeloaders out in the cold.

Netflix is expected to roll out some measures to curb password sharing in January 2023.

The goal is to grow subscriptions by maximizing its current subscriber pool and putting a stop to password sharing which will on paper translate to more revenue.

In a move likely to leave some freeloaders out in the cold, Netflix plans to increase its turnover by putting a stop to subscribers sharing passwords, especially those living under one roof.

Netflix is likely to put its money where its mouth is in order to put a final barrier to password sharing.

Should the streaming service pick up that a subscriber has shared their password, it plans to make the account holder pay.

A move that will most likely have prices go up, the streaming service is testing a new pricing model that will possibly have subscribers pay more should they wish to add an extra account.

Subscribers will most likely pay for an extra profile or two.

A definite policy change is on the cards as Netflix plans to reportedly charge around $3 extra should users wish to include members.

This will change it’s initial subscriber password sharing policy.

The streaming service has been shifting towards combatting password sharing due to a compounding loss of quarter financial losses.

The move to crackdown on the password sharing will most likely kick off this month.

The streaming service made another shift around November 2022 to allow users to kick off accounts from their profiles.

A Netflix campaign was initiated to curb password sharing and limit the number of devices with access to an account.

Netflix introduced the managing access and devices feature to allow users to see which devices have access to their account with the power to log them off.

“With the busy holiday season just around the corner, many of our members will be on the move and watching Netflix wherever they are traveling to see family and friends,” the streaming service said in a statement.

Whether its the ability to kick off your ex of your Netflix account or have the kids do their homework, the feature plans to make security possible from anywhere.

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