Here’s why Facebook, Twitter possibly TikTok make you pay for verification

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Meta verified a term that will have users gain access to more online visibility, fewer impersonations and prioritized customer support will most likely set the course for many other applications going forward.

Facebook plans to have users opt for a paid verification tier which will have prominent users gain better service.

Meta is testing a $11.99 per month paid verification tier for Instagram and Facebook on its next update in order to grant users a verified badge.

Sound familiar?

Twitter last year opted to have users pay for the blue verified checkmark which would allow users to gain access to better user preferences.

These preferences include more visibility and prioritized customer support.

Meta appears to be following suit, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook including Instagram plans to charge users a monthly fee for increased visibility and prioritized support in Australia and New Zealand.

The subscription service will have users paying for a blue badge, which will hopefully curb impersonation while granting customer support.

Users will need meet minimum activity requirements by proving they are 18 years and older and submitting an ID which matches their photo.

Users who opt for the paid subscription tier will gain access to exclusive stickers and digital currency they can use to tip creators on Facebook and possibly Instagram.

This will mean users will lose the ability to change personal details such as birthday, username and or profile photo on a whim.

This definitely does sound a lot like Elon Musk’s decision last year to have users pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue subscribtion.

For the price of $8 a month, users will get the ability to post long videos and audio, get priority in replies, including mentions, and less adverts.

The shift is to defeat spam/scam while also providing a revenue stream to reward content creators.

“There will be a secondary tag below the name for someone who is a public figure, which is already the case for politicians,” Musk said in a tweet.

This shift towards a monthly paid subscription paywall appears to be on the cards for most everyday prominent apps.

This shift from Meta, Twitter and Facebook shows an incoming trend towards paid subscription for verified users in an effort to curb spam and inspire ad-less content for paid subscribers.

TikTok is also considering growth with new initiatives which could include paywalled video content.

In an effort to revamp their creator fund, the social media app is rumored to be looking at having content creators gain more features if they opt to pay a monthly fee.

A paywalled video feature from TikTok will allow creators to charge around $1 or higher for access their video content.

This shift from current messaging and video streaming app giants indicates a bottom line that most companies are looking into going into the paywalled future.

Income streams for content creators will most likely transition into a more solidified role where they can monetize their content in order to sustain their lifestyles going into the future.

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