Here’s how you could score that Twitter user name you want

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In another shift towards streamlining Twitter to become a global town square Twitter will now purge old Twitter account names to make space for new user names.

Twitter boss Elon Musk has announced that Twitter plans to purge accounts that have had no activity at all for several years.

While the “several years” is still to be articulated, the move will see inactive accounts replaced which may lead to follower drop count.

The move falls part of Twitters policy requirements which prompts users to log into their accounts at least monthly.

This is bad news for cool Twitter handles that have been inactive for sometime as it will translate to their names used by other bidding users, should Twitter decide to archive or boot them.

More handles to pick from may just be a benefit for new users, even though old account users may be force-fed the need to use their account or loose it.

Dormant accounts including fake parody accounts have been on Musk’s raider for a while, as the CEO has made it clear that users may not impersonate individuals, groups or organizations to mislead, or deceive others nor use a fake identity in a manner that could disrupt the experience of other users on Twitter.

Parody accounts were urged to distinguish themselves in both their account names and bio.

In April Musk confirmed that Twitter would begin winding down their legacy verified checkmarks.

Users would need to subscribe to Twitter Blue in order to have access to the blue tick.

This took a tern which led to Musk making a U-turn on the decision after celebrities and other government officials where left without blue ticks verifying them as credible sources to users.

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