WATCH: AI era, Coca Cola uses Stable Diffusion plus tradition in new advert

In what could arguably be described as genius mixed with traditional methods, Coca Cola has added stable diffusion to their new add campaign.

The shift forward for Coca-Cola in using AI stable diffusion for their new campaign opens an whole new way of packaging marketing material for adverts going forward.

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image deep learning model used to generate detailed images on text descriptions.

Stable Diffusion Coca Cola AD (Alongside Traditional Techniques)
by u/Purpleflax in StableDiffusion

Here are some stable diffusion experiments below.

Coca-Cola has constantly rebranded itself to remain relevant in a world of shifting and evolving trends.

Their use of AI in their latest add offering, shows a blend of AI in the form of Stable Diffusion, 3D and traditional methods to produce what could be a creative compelling delivery from Coca-Cola.

The future is here and AI has not only won public opinion but is constantly evolving in half the timespan it took many other products, to reach notoriety.

The advert features fragments from historically prominent artists such as Vincent van Gogh’s starry night outlay and continues to dive in an out of other themes, to ultimately land on their product point which is an opened Coca-Cola bottle, opened and enjoyed.

Bending of live action, 3-D animation and AI makes the commercial pop out considering the blend of Ai in commercials is still new.

Hat’s off to Coca-Cola’s marketing and talent team for conceptualizing a complex end product which could have gone completely wrong.

The commercials timing could improve but the aesthetics are inline and remain impactful with a clear message delivered.

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