Too much screen time, the dangers, what you need to know

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Don’t watch too much TV, it will ruin your eyes.

Remember mothers cautioning children over the prolonged glare at the TV screen.  Well, it turns out they weren’t wrong.

The reality is that extended use of digital screens without taking consistent breaks in between, could impact your child’s eyes, leading to eye strain, and even headaches in the future.

The world is changing and education has taken another leap, to evolve from the traditional form of instruction in classes to more online.

Add the Covid 19 pandemic and innovative ways of teaching have mushroomed to improve the lives of many.

While the convenience of online learning does come with added benefits such as a comfortable working environment to operate from, new tech which makes the lives of many easier, do come with their impact.

Virtual learning is on the rise, but something else is too.

There are impacts of prolonged screen time, not only for children but for adults such as migraines, or strained eyes which could lead to more permanent damage.

While digital devices make life easier they do come with a “use responsibly” tag as extended use of digital screens without taking a break does dry out eyes in the long run which may lead to long term effects.

Users may feel effects such as strained eyes, sensitivity to watery eyes, persistent headaches and even the progression of an unsuspecting eyesight issue.

Eye fatigue

The eyes get fatigued.

Sitting too close to screens also puts a strain to your eye muscles.

Consistent light glare on digital screens can also make already strained eye muscles worse.

How much time is too much?

Different studies indicate inconsistent information but the common denominator lies in the note that there needs to be a break and consistent effort to break away from prolonged screen time.

While it remains a challenge to keep children and their parents from their screens due to constant requirements from the world which require screen time to manage, the idea is to break prolonged usage as a solution.

Seeing an eye specialist or going for regular checkups are key steps to ensuring your eyes stay healthy well into your old age.

Disconnecting from your screen to stare on a faraway object is another way of incorporating a healthy exercise for the eyes.

Parents should encourage children to use devices responsibly while also setting the example.

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