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Google users will now have the ability to receive suggestions and corrections to their phrases using Google’s newly added feature grammar checker

The new feature is set to analyze phrases and sentences to offer suggestions that will improve if not highlight changes made.

The tool is currently available in English and uses innovative AI features aimed at enhancing the platform and its usage.

The addition of AI will help users quickly reference check a phrase or sentence for correct grammar.

Apps such as Grammarly will help check grammar for accuracy in sentences, but Google does caution users on the accuracy of the tool, especially on some sentences.

How does it work?

Users will have the ability to check grammar from the feature by typing in a phrase or sentence in the search box.

After typing in the sentence, add grammar checker at the end.

When the words grammar checker are added at the end, the keywords will be searched, and feedback provided with viable options for replacement.

If the search understands the user’s intent, the grammar checked results will appear.

While Google understands that the tool is still in its developmental stage it has cautioned reliance and advised caution.

The AI systems are employed to evaluate grammar but results may at times be inaccurate to the context, particularly with incomplete sentences.

The tool

The new tool will analyze and display results beneath the search box, to show the correct sentences.

Users can then copy and past the corrected text in the search box to authenticate.

Should the results not align with expectations, users can flag the results with Google by selecting the feedback option at the bottom of the page.

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