Upcoming: Huawei launches the Huawei Watch GT3 SE

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Huawei is set to launch its latest fancy and digitally intelligent Huawei Watch GT3 SE on Tuesday in sporty fashion.

The smartwatch is not new for some of us who received a glimpse into the smartwatch packed with competition punching power.

The Huawei Watch GT3 SE is definitely intelligent, but what makes this launch interesting is the idea to launch the device alongside SuperSport United FC and the ladies’ Matsatsantsa team.

To test the device, Huawei partnered with SuperSport United FC to host a soccer match between the media, a few celebrities, and the two Tshwane teams, SuperSport United FC and TUT Matsatsantsa Ladies FC.

So what do we know?

Huawei introduces the Huawei Watch GT3 SE as a less pricier version of the already well-known Huawei GT3.

We assume it will be cheaper. No, no correction, we never say cheap, we say “targetted at a certain LSM.”

The device might come in two colours, but that all depends on which colours Huawei deem are marketable for the South African market.  We suspect black will be at the top of the list for colours and my money might be on a grey version of the GT 3 SE.


We suspect a bigger battery or longer-lasting battery than previous versions.  To not increase the battery is suicide. At least that’s what we think when factoring the idea that this product is targeted at athletes or active consumers.

These people are usually outdoors, active and chasing the next step count, heart rate and some milestone on the horizon.

Upgraded Bluetooth

If you’ve owned a smartwatch you may find that at times connectivity does flake.  Not disappear but flake due to the proximity of the device.

Better onboard music

We suspect the device will factor in better or more storage space just to accommodate longer playlists.

Lighter device

The GT3 SE is expected to be lighter, but we may be wrong.

Before we give off to much. Let’s see what Huawei has planned in launching their Huawei GT3 SE.

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