Get replies only from verified accounts on X, Elon Musk confirms

X formally known as Twitter makes changes.

X head Elon Musk has confirmed X, previously known as Twitter will now allow users to block unverified accounts from replying to their posts.

In an effort to reduce misinformation, reduce the number of questionable accounts and get users signed up on the paid verification for Twitter Blue, which brings the blue check mark, Musk confirms that those with the verified checkmarks will have more control in the form of who can reply to their tweets.

Unless users want to let go of the monthly $7.99, they will have to accept that those who do not pay for the service will be left out in the cold as X continues to make changes that make the subscription version more appealing.

The change

X will allow users to pick who they want to have access to them in the form of replies.

Users can choose between, Everyone, verified accounts, accounts you follow or only accounts you mention.

The confusion

The new option is not necessarily new considering verified users already had prioritized replies.

The new update from X could also mean limiting those not paying Musk for the blue tick.

The good and bad news

The good news is that the new restriction feature will slash replies from bots, allow verified users to have access to limiting their post replies and allow users to post by the accounts mentioned meaning more controll over who replies to your content.

Is this a good thing?

The idea for a bunch of users who are agreeable is never solely a good idea. Users need other users who are disagreeable to possibly introduce a new perspective.

The idea for curating replies means, only those who can afford to have a say will have the platform to do so.  Those with no means, will have to chanel their imput elsewhere.

Since Musk acquired X, the idea seems to be edging users to migrate behind the paywall or risk being silenced at some point with Tweets left out in the abys tweeting in a vacuum.

X premium users today get to experience features such as the control who can reply, the ability to edit posts, a lighter advert expereinces and longer posts which include videos.

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