Meta introduces #EbaSafeOnline comic book for safety in 11 languages

In an effort to encourage online safety Meta launches the #EbaSafeOnline Comic Book which will be providing a myriad of tools to empower parents and teens to navigate through their own online presence.

The book is designed to educate users about safety.

Meta says the comic book will aid in empowering parents to manage their children’s online experiences more effectively.

The book is designed to be both informative and engaging with the aim of empowering young minds with knowledge.

Safety and security while navigating social media platforms is crucial.  Understanding these spaces and navigating them more effectively with reasoning behind it is pivotal.

Through relatable characters and real-world scenarios, the comic book explores the various features and tools Meta has in place to ensure a secure and safe online environment between teens, parents, and other users.

A short clip detailing the contents of the book shows characters navigating the online space of using different online social media platforms.

The characters discuss issues that a majority of teens are facing and Meta hopes this will spark conversations between parents and their children to create a safer online management strategy.

Story telling is important and through the use of the comic book Meta hopes the comic book will connect with audiences while educating them.

Meta West Africa Communications Manager Oluwasola Obagbemi details how Meta is moving forward and placing safety first on ongoing plans.

The challenges parents face with children, in regards to social media is a factor.  Story telling and providing relevance is what Meta hopes to achieve through the introduction of the #EbaSafeOnline comic book.

Bridging the gap between social media literacy is the goal and stories usually make information more relateable.

The comic book will be available online and in print.

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