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Page indexing probably sounds like a bookmark inside a particular hard copy book, however in today’s tech-riddled age, the term refers to a process by which search engines such as Google crawl and analyze web pages to include them in their index.

When a page is indexed it more likely forms part of a search engine’s database and can be displayed in search results when people search for information.

So what really stops your page from being indexed by Google or other search engines?

There are a number of reasons pages struggle to get indexed the right way.

Original content

Google including other search engines tends to prioritize high-quality content over duplicated copy. Unique content tends to be prioritized more than duplicated content and that’s the solid reality.

Identical or duplicated content tends to take a back seat and anyone running a website would pretty much have a heart attack if their main website was not indexing as intended.

Similar content

Search engines prioritize high-quality content, and if pages contain similar or duplicated content across different sites, this could be an issue that negatively impacts sites.

Website performance 

Slow websites may receive a negative index or incomplete indexing issues from search engines.  When pages take too long to load, search engine bots wait for the content to become available which may result in some indexing challenges.

Any developer would argue that optimizing website speed performance can improve overall indexing.

Why is this important?

For overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In order to optimize SEO effectively professionals need to address and ensure that their content is effectively indexed and translates to better search engine results.

Regularly checking and monitoring a website’s technical aspects can contribute to better visibility in search engine rankings.

One great tip for any site is to look at canonical tags which should be properly added.  Small issues such as broken links faulty redirects or pages that require user authentication do contribute to a site’s low indexing score.

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