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  • Avoid these 10 common mistakes made by brands on Facebook

    Like it or not, Facebook is the de facto homepage for a large chunk of the world’s internet users. They have around 450 million active users worldwide and around 2.6 million users in South Africa alone. In the attention economy your brand really can’t afford not to be on Facebook. Just be sure to avoid these common mistakes when starting out. 1. Starting a profile or group instead of a page Many brands make the mistake of starting either profiles or groups for their brands because both of these entities are older, wider spread and more commonly understood by Facebook users....

  • How people use social networks: an anthropological view

    I recently read an article on Scientific American about the relationship between loneliness and depression and people’s use of online social networks. The scientists explained that people who feel alone because of depression or other reasons are quicker to use social networks than those who don’t feel this way. But when these individuals use online social networks they may not know how to handle certain situations. For instance, people who feel alone may misinterpret the fact that someone does not respond immediately to their messages on Facebook. This finding is the starting point for this article, since my work on social...

  • Facebook: A collision of private & professional

    I promised myself I wouldn’t write about Facebook. Everyone’s writing and talking about it. And I just hate being part of a mob. However part of a mob I am, as I am a Facebook user. And I need help. I must admit I love it and I love burning my company’s bandwidth while using it. I am addicted to the thing and I’m going to need to see someone about it. But I...