More than 110m PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold to date

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Financial reports are usually incredibly boring strips of paper with big numbers and even bigger jargon, but not so much when console sales numbers are listed too.

Sony’s latest accountant entry sheds some light into the PlayStation 4’s late life performance, and well, it’s still selling by the million.

The console, which launched nearly seven years ago now (amid much better times), has since sold more than 110-million units.

That’s. A. Lot.

It’s not quite PlayStation 2 terrirory — it’ll need to sell an additional 45-million units to topple the world’s best selling console ever — but it is threatening the likes of Nintendo’s Game Boy line.

There’s doubt that’ll get any closer to its older brother though. It sold just 1.4-million units over Q4 2019, a fair bit lower than the lofty 7-million we’ve seen in previous quarters.

The PlayStation 5 is still on track for launch later this year, despite the world coiling under the pressure of a pandemic.

And Sony’s been punting the console hard too, announcing the new PlayStation Studios game development team, a new controller, and trickle-releasing specifications teasers to hardcore fans.

But who knows? Perhaps a price drop is just what the console needs.

Still, once the new console launches and the PlayStation 4 product lines grind to a halt, the console will always be remembered for those endless stability update memes and turbine whine that could embarrass a 747.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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