Advertising Apple: From the Mac to the iPad 2

Since the first Apple products hit the market in late 1976, the company has been creating memorable ads that began by educating the public about the many uses of a personal computer, but increasingly became more and more entertaining and abstract.

Let’s take a look at some of the iconic Apple television commercials which have come to define Apple in the public’s mind over the years, from the iconic 1984 commercial for Apple Mac up to the brand new iPad 2 ad.

1. A collection of Macintosh ads.

2. The 1984 Apple Mac ad

3. The great Mac vs PC series

This series was so good, it’s worth watching another one…

4. Introducing the iPod

Such a revolutionary product required something different for its marketing campaign. This series fully captured the zeitgeist and the playful nature of the product.

5. Introducing the iPhone
A collection of four ads that were used to introduce and explain the iPhone to the global audience

6. And then came the iPad….

This commercial was the first view that most people had of the product which would come to define a whole new market of tablet devices.

7. The brand new iPad 2 ad.

A subtle shift in style from Apple. Now it’s no longer just about the technology, which is a given, but about how we use it. As they say in the ad “When technology gets out of the way, that’s when you leap forward…”



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