Upset about Google killing SEO? Don’t panic, there’s a way forward

A recent post by Jonathan Houston about Google punishing sites with too much SEO motivated me to write an article about how to make sure your site doesn’t suffer. Do not wither: there is still a way forward.

Link building that won’t get your website rankings killed

Ok the trick is first to understand one concept: “Natural Links” or what I like to call them “Natural Popularity Contest Votes” is the most important type of link you want to your website.

The SEO agencies or experts that really want to get technical need to know and focus on link segmentation on a page as well, as Google is already smart enough to determine where and what type a link is on any given page.

Natural type of links you should build:

  • Paid or Free Directory submissions
  • Guest Blog posting
  • Blog commenting (not spamming blogs, but participate in niche related blogs via discussions etc. that is helpful and relevant)
  • Pitching for reviews
  • Content Marketing (Not referring to rewriting and spamming article directories, but rather creating excellent content people Socially Share and get links to by default)
  • Newsrooms
  • Press Releases
  • Creating alliances with other websites in your niche

Of course, many other types of link building exist when it comes to successfully pushing your own website or clients’ websites, but these generally deliver the best long-term results.

Good backlink profile versus Bad backlink profile

Let’s look at a bad backlink profile:

Now looking above at the links by type pie chart you can clearly see the majority of backlinks to this unnamed site is from footer links, I investigated further and yes guess what it was a private blog network. This company created many small blogs with different domain names linking back to its main website within in the footer of these blogs.

Now let us use Memeburn as an example of a very good backlink profile:

You can clearly see above that Memeburn has various types of backlinks nicely spread out proving it is natural. Google loves this!

Produce informative, useful and relevant content

In order to achieve many backlinks from various natural sources delivering the most link juice, create a compelling website that delivers great content so you have an automated link building system.

Memeburn is a perfect example, delivering top quality articles that readers quickly socially share and reference to them.



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