Facebook debuts Google Chrome ‘Save to Facebook’ extension

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Facebook wants to be your first, your last and your everything, and with its two new Google Chrome extensions it’s taking its first step to be your content hub too.

The first extension dubbed “Save To Facebook” has a fairly self-explanatory name. It allows users to save snippets of the web to Facebook to read-later. It’s similar to web service Pocket in many ways, but developing its own system has certainly been well worth the effort for Facebook.

“Today, over 300 million people use the Save on Facebook feature every month,” it claims in a blog post.

Back in August 2015 speaking to First Round Review, Pocket CEO Nate Wiener suggested that his company serviced around 20-million users.

“We launched the Save button at F8 this year to give people the ability to also save things they discover around the rest of the web, and receive notification reminders to visit their Save list,” Facebook adds.

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“Share To Facebook” also debuts, and allows users to “share more content to Facebook, Groups and Messenger – while browsing off of Facebook.”

You can grab Share To Facebook and Save To Facebook right now if you’re using Google Chrome. There’s no word on Firefox or Safari integration just yet, but those will likely arrive in due course.

Andy Walker, former editor


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