How to generate more conversions with magnetic content

If you are into digital marketing or just looking for new ways on how you can generate more conversions online for your brand, I’m sure you must have seen or know that everyone is still talking about content marketing online. Everyday you will find hundreds of brands starting to use content marketing to connect with their target audience digitally.

Even though content is the heart and soul of the digital world and the main medium of any digital marketing campaign, we are still continually learning how to use content in the best form to get the best results.

While writing and creating content for your digital marketing campaign isn’t rocket science, focusing on only using magnetic content marketing to generate conversions to grow your business is another ball game on its own.

Using magnetic content online to generate leads, sales and conversions this is so much more than just generating traffic — it’s the whole user experience that your target audience should love and engage with.

How can you only generate magnetic content to increase the conversions of your digital marketing campaign?

Your content should be easy to find

Don’t let your content live in separate silos, making finding it a chore for users. You are working hard to create awesome content that your target audience will find valuable and share with their own connections, but if it’s too difficult to find your content, it will basically just sit there. It really doesn’t matter how awesome your content is; if people can’t find it, your content might as well not exist.

Group relevant topics together so that if the person reading the content wants to read more it won’t be difficult for them to find more of the same awesome content.

Your content should be mobile friendly

Mobile isn’t the future; it happened yesterday.

More people are starting to consume content through various apps and browsers on their mobile rather than traditional desktop or laptop browsers. If I find an article on my mobile phone and it’s not optimised for the small screen, I don’t bother engaging further.

With this, there are still many websites, blogs and various digital channels that haven’t yet optimised their platform to be responsive or mobile friendly. Creating and using magnetic content in your digital marketing campaign doesn’t just mean the physical content should be magnetic, but the whole experience. Ultimately, your audience should be able to read it wherever they are, on any device.

Your content should be engaging

It’s essential that your content be unique, valuable, and pull people further into your sales funnel. With content marketing and digital marketing, one shoe doesn’t fit all. Create a number of personas that consists of your target audience and create content specifically for them. Using the catch-all approach might generate traffic, but will be less likely to convert than a piece of content written and designed for a specific buyer persona.

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To get the most out of it, align each piece of content that you create and curate with one of your buyer personas to make sure you are targeting it correctly. Use analytics to measure what’s working and what’s not in relation to the specific, targeted persona.

Use actionable calls to action

It’s key to have specific calls to action in your content to generate conversions. Whether you want people to buy a product or service from you, download a whitepaper or a simple newsletter registration, your call to action should be relevant and definitive.

If someone is reading a blog post about social media marketing, a call to action with a free ebook about social media marketing is more compelling than buying a specific product. Once the user has completed the call to action, make a point of acknowledging them and telling them exactly what’s going to happen next.

One great way of taking this further, depending on where your target audience is in the sales funnel, is to integrate some sort of “lead nurturing” campaign in your strategy where you can nurture and qualify the leads you generate further.

How do you use content marketing to increase your conversions? Let us know in the comments section below.

Anton Koekemoer


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