Eskom confirms Stage 2 load shedding on Tuesday after bleak update

eskom load shedding on tuesday

In a decidedly bleak update, Eskom on Monday confirmed that load shedding will continue into Tuesday, stepping up a stage as well.

Stage 1 load shedding will run through Monday evening into Tuesday morning finally ending at 5am. Eskom will then implement Stage 2 load shedding at 9am.

The break between load shedding is presumably to aid commuters during the morning rush hour.

After a weekend of issues, Eskom blames the latest setback on “further delays on some generation units” that were set to return to service on Monday.

The utility lost seven units at four power stations this past weekend. It was forced to burn through emergency reserves too, which has now left it scrambling for capacity for the week.

Unplanned breakdowns stood at 12 371 MW on Monday afternoon, with 4728 MW rendered unavailable due to maintenance.

Some generation units are now only expected to return to service later this week.

When is your city or municipality load shedding?

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Andy Walker, former editor


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