Spotify’s Group Session feature would be great if you could actually have parties

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Spotify has launched a feature that would be great for parties, so you can bet it’s pretty useless right now if you’re living alone.

Dubbed Group session, the collaborative feature allows users to control what track is currently playing, or will be played next, on a single device.

The idea mitigates the need for each user to play music on their own devices when in a group, and instead allows friends to build a playlist together.

Think of it as the Family Mix playlist but one that offers a number of users to build it in realtime.

Sounds super nifty, but it’s not like anyone is having parties right now (if you are, we’re all very disappointed in you).

Spotify does believe it’ll be fun for those quarantined together though, be it a family, a bunch of housemates or you and your tech-savvy cats.

The feature’s live in beta for those with Premium accounts on mobile devices.

The addition also comes after Spotify finally introduced a Premium Family plan to the country, which allows up to six users access to Premium accounts for R99.99 per month — R40 more than a single Premium plan.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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