MoneyTracker: Nedbank launches free online tool to track accounts and money

nedbank money tracker

Nedbank has launched a free online finance tracking tool MoneyTracker for its personal and business clients.

The tool, launched in July, is available on the Nedbank Money app and Nedbank’s online banking portal.

Users are able to set up the MoneyTracker dashboard to track their personal, household, business, and other finances — including income and expenses.

These dashboards allow you to select which accounts you want to track.

“Once your money-in and money-out transactions are categorised this way, the real magic of MoneyTracker is revealed,” Lance Vuma, Head of Segment Design and Development for Professional Banking and Small Business Services at Nedbank, said in a statement.

“The tool then creates a dynamic income statement view for each of your dashboards, putting detailed financial information about your household or business at your fingertips, and making it easier than ever to set up workable budgets for each expense category, allowing you to manage your money over time carefully.”

If you use the service for your business, MoneyTracker offers invoice creation and management as well.

How to access Nedbank MoneyTracker

To access the tool on the Nedbank Money app, log into your banking profile and select the “More” tab. You will then see the MoneyTracker option in the menu.

To access it on Nedbank’s online banking portal, you will also first need to log into your account. At the top of your screen, next to Settings, you will see the MoneyTracker tool.

You can find out more about the tool on the MoneyTracker website.

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Featured image: Nedbank

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