Showmax debuts multicam feed for El Clasico football match

Showmax Pro sports football multicam feed subscribers

Showmax has introduced a multi-camera viewing option for its Pro subscribers to watch sport from different angles.

The option debuted on 24 October and was available for the El Clasico football match between Barcelona and Madrid.

According to a Showmax spokesperson, the multicam viewing option will be available on selected matches in the future.

“We are proud to be the first online streaming service in Africa to introduce the multicam feed for such a highly anticipated game,” Showmax COO, Barry Dubovsky, said in a statement.

“Fans are constantly looking for ways to enhance their viewing experience and with this cutting-edge technology, viewers can watch football in style, like Pros.”

How does the Showmax multicam feed work?

The multicam feed lets viewers watch a range of different camera shots of the sporting event and focus on one according to their viewing preference.

The screen consists of four separate feeds as well as the Mediacoach statistics and information tool.

It will include the following feeds and windows:

  • Main screen: A super feed that uses all the main cameras in the broadcast. This will include the view from all cameras, drone shots, graphics, and live statistics.
  • Following the ball: An aerial camera combined with detailed shots that focuses on the ball and the possessing player.
  • Around the goal area: A camera that focuses on the goalposts. Viewers can watch every goal, their highlights, and intervention from the keepers.
  • Camera on the bench: A camera that alternates between the teams’ benches. Viewers can follow the coaches’ instructions and reactions, and sub players.
  • Stats window: Located under the feeds at the bottom of the screen, the window features graphics, statistic visuals from the match.

The multicam feed is only available to Showmax Pro subscribers.

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Featured image: Supplied/Showmax

Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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