Here’s how Apple gears up for Apple Car

An Apple car is fast becoming a topic among tech and petrol heads, considering the car doesn’t even exist.

Without even a pilot phase the brand appears to have solidified itself among brand’s loyal supporters, who relish the idea of a four-wheeled iCar.

Bloomberg recently released results on a survey that asked car owner preferences for future car options.

Among many car brands, the Apple car or “iCar” – a presumptuous name for the car – showed consumers would consider the brand as an alternative to other car brands.

It’s no secret that an Apple car is most likely on the way, with several mobile features from apple already in the market should an electric Apple car make it’s way.

Apple keys

Since 2021, several car brands enable Apple users to unlock and start their cars, using their iPhones.

The 2021 BMW 5series is one example, see video.  Watch: BMW five series video using phone to start

That’s one last thing to have in your pocket while shopping.

You can grant up to five users on your iCloud to have access to the key without going to the car dealership for another set of keys.

This is not the only example supporting rumors of a possible iCar. Gigagets has also provided interesting charging concepts for the Apple Car.

The concept appears most likely to win favour.

While the actual Apple car remains a rumour, consumers cannot help but see small movements towards the imagined concept vehicle.

Systems such as Apple’s Car Play, enable the user to use their iPhone while driving.

A Car Play feature allows users to make calls, receive messages, enjoy their music all using the Car Play feature on car dashboards on the vehicles built-in display.

With over 600 vehicle brands to choose from, Apple has partnered with brands such as Honda, Aston Martin, BMW and Audi to support the Car Play feature.

Small planned introduction will likely contribute to the bigger impact once Apple rolls out the anticipated iCar.

Here’s what we know:

The car is most likely going to be electric and autonomous.

Regulation will have an impact on the Apple car, but users can expect no driving pedals or brakes with a manual overide option in the event the self-steering mechanics fail.

The car is most likely to begin mass production after 2025.

Apple will most likely introduce a more drivers feature for vehicles to allow multiple drivers.

We also know that Apple has reportedly hired experts to lead design on the design for the secret Apple car.

It’s safe to say, if you’re planning to drive the Apple car, you’ll be able to drive one post 2026, if things go as planned.

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Feature image: Apple/Screenshot



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