New secure drivers license card approved: here’s what you do next

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Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has introduced a new driver’s license card which hopes to upgrade current security features.

The minister confirmed goverment approved the replacement of the current license card with new features to comply with international standards.

The incoming drivers’ license card means the one you currently have will likely be phased out.

The new card is set to possibly look like the smart ID’s launched by the Home Affairs Department.

The decision for the introduction of the cards was to provide better and more secure features.

Transport minister said the technology for the current card introduced in 1998 was old and had become obsolete.

Changes to the proposed card will mean the license will be compatible with the International Information Technology Personal Identification Compliant Driving Licence.

Cabinet is likely to gazette the changes in the next month with the pilot phase for the new card to begin in November.

Procurement of the production infrastructure will start around October, the Minister said.

What to do

Changes to the card start in November.  Motorists will have until March 2029 grace to renew their cards.

Mbalula also touched on the five year validity period which applies to current license cards.

He said cabinet was looking at extending the cards past a six year expiry period.

While increasing licence card expiry dates may impact cabinets pocket, Mbalula said the Road Traffic management Corporation provided a report and he was ready to test new measures for 8 to 10 year renewal time frames.

The current driver’s licence card is expected to be decommissioned on April 2024.

The minister, excited about the bouquet of issues approved by cabinet urged all motorists to come forward for the new system.

Current driving license cards are valid for a period of five years from the date of issue.

To renew cards, motorists must go to their local licensing department for an eye test, and pay the reissue fee.

After six weeks or more, motorists can pick up their renewed license cards.

Requirements for a renewal include, an ID document, or passport, current driver’s license, four ID photo’s, and money for the renewal fee and copy of your ID or passport.

If you are replacing an expired card, bring your ID, ID photos, and money for the replacement fee. A new temporary licence will be issued.

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