WATCH: Disney Plus spills movies into your lounge with AR feature

Streaming service Disney Plus, to celebrate Disney Plus Day has introduced an AR experience worth remembering.

The new feature is available to Disney Plus subscribers, and will allow users to experience certain coded films in a different way.

In its most interesting reveal, Disney Plus launched Remembering, an AR-powered short film starring Brie Larson.

The short story follows a budding writer as she journey’s into her inner child to recover a lost idea.

To simplify it, imagine watching tv and you had the option of accessing AR features using your tablet.

To access the experience, users can download the dedicated app – only available on iOS – scan a special QR code on their TV to bring the captivating graphic displays to life.

This feature brings the world of imagination into the viewer’s living room.

The first of it’s kind for Disney Plus, the augmented reality app lets subscribers extend their viewing experience well into their living rooms.

The Remembering app is 202MB in size and requires iOS 15.0 or higher, with a device with A12 Bionic chip or later.

The app is currently free.

Here’s how to try it

  • Play the film Remembering on Disney Plus – on your TV set.
  • Download the iOS app and point it to your phone or tablet at your TV.

Note: The feature is not available in the country.

New releases on Disney Plus Day

Thor: Love and Thunder

The sequel to Thor Ragnarok,

Thor is forced to confront his demons while only to fight a God butcher named Gorr.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Episode 4

A series about a single attorney who happens to be a green super powered hulk.


An exclusive docu-series about Mike Tyson’s life and professional boxing career.

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