WATCH: Three times Samsung mocked Apple on innovation

If you’re reading this you’re late, the ongoing competition between Samsung and Apple started a long time ago.

Apple launched their much anticipated iPhone 14 series earlier this month at their launch themed Far Out.

The tech giant introduced the iPhone 14 Pro with satellite messaging and dynamic island features, iPhone 14, and a school of Apple watches and Aipods Pro.

It seems Samsung isn’t impressed about the launch and here are three ways Samsung showed off their gadget muscle.

First is a 30-second advert that lists features of Samsung’s lineup which include impressive camera functions.

Samsung boasted with it’s 100x space zoom, and 108-megapixel camera about a week before Apple’s launch on September 7th, 2022.

Shortly, after Apple’s launch, Samsung allegedly rolled out a banner titled: Welcome to the party Apple we’ve been filming in 8k for 2 year’s 6 months 4 days 28 minutes and 51 seconds, the billboard read.

The image was shared by a Twitter user from Tampa, Florida.

It wasn’t the first time the brand allegedly mocked Apple. In a series of images Samsung can be seen asking some pretty taunting questions at Apple.

Apple’s camera arsenal comes with a 48 MP main camera, that allows cinematic mode in 4K at 30fps and 24 fps.


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Around 2019, Samsung trolled Apple over it’s missing 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung constant jab’s on Apple have some critics defending Apple claiming Samsung may want to be like the once bitten Apple.

Users however have to factor in some hard realities, that Samsung may just be ahead in the technological gadget game when we put our feelings aside.

Samsung has been leading in the innovation space with it’s latest reveal being the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a professional, yet creatives smartphone with exceptional camera prowess.

Samsung also launched the fold edition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 4.

The latest generation in smartphone fold.

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