TikTok: How to make money off it, and the paywall idea

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TikTok has been paving the way for users to generate income using the app.

The video-forming app was launched in 2016 by Chinese tech company ByteDance. It has now moved to become one of the most popular apps in 2023 and is now available in over 150 different markets and offices in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

While the app continues to grow in popularity, it has been spearheading innovation and finding new customer retention methods.

One of the reasons the app is popular is that content creators are afforded an opportunity to monetize the app.

In recent rumors from tech experts, the content-creating app is reportedly planning to allow users to add a paywall.

This will mean users will have to option to choose which content they prefer behind a paywall for a fee.

This is big news for the app, should it migrate towards introducing a paywall.

Content creators will have the option of categorizing content between what they deem to be their exclusive content and general content intended to generate traffic.

Reports indicate a paywalled video feature where TikTok will charge users a minimum of $1 to access a video.

This forms part of the apps growth in the U.S and is intent to allow content creators to not only stay on the app but to gain income while creating content.

While Instagram allows users to share some content to subscribers only, TikTok appears to support the idea of content creators pocketing some revenue.

This is not the only way users can pocket a buck using the app.

Some other ways include:

Selling merchandise to fans, going live and collecting virtual gifts, or partnering with influencers in the TikTok marketplace.

Selling product

Users can sell their own products to their most loyal fans. Whether you’re a dancer, singer or comedian, monetizing any type of content appears to be TikTok’s vision for users.

Selling products to fans not only increases your engagement but also allows fans to gain a more personal connection to user merch.

Go live for gifts.

Going live and collecting gifts is one of TikToks strategies for users to monetize their content.

Virtual gifts can be shared with the owner of the content to allow them to redeem the gifts for payment.

Of course there are ways to increase an audience and check fan insights.

While the duration of livestreams differs depending on the type of content and their format, staying longer on a livestream allows users to gain a chance to log on and catch a glimpse of your live broadcast.

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